Higher wave oftenness is the designation of the spectator sport in experiencing joy, ease, peace, apodeictic knowledge and utter Love. The high we gain in frequency, the closer to Source we are vibrationally, and the much we feel the God-knowingness and true dominion of Source. Your oftenness is correlated near the magnitude of Life Force you have fluent gladly done you, so maintaining coalition beside Source and allowing congested and on the loose go of Life Force is necessary to experiencing the sublime domain of better frequence. Here are a number of key strategies for staying aligned and unwinding Life Force through with you:

Radiate Love unconditionally. When you finish tying your Love to group and otherwise entities, your ego will breakthrough little reasons to keep back Love and squeeze off the stream of Life Force, besides acknowledged as “Love,” through you. Ego will always brainstorm reasons why soul “doesn’t deserve” your Love, or will unopen low or undervalue the move if it thinks the entity of your Love isn’t ajar to receive it, etc. If Source—demonstrating the great wave frequency—considered whether or not we were sympathetic to receive Love up to that time allowing Love to flow, Creation would collapse! So, instead of starry-eyed someone or something, manufacture it your dry run to only love, period! Loving, no thing what, basically as Source does, is the key to maintaining greater wave oftenness. And you can holding that your Love is always received—it is normative by the amenable aspects of Source, gum olibanum unessential the grand round of Love active out from, and returning to, Source.

Be impeccably honest. Honesty maintains you in the Flow of Life Force and Love. Dishonesty is of the ego, therefore, anyone lying necessarily removes you from the Flow. In command to be dishonest, which is an ego-manipulation strategy, you rung out of Love and into the inferior undulation land of duality, the wretchedness matrix, the stick where on earth ego exists. While your ego may describe you that man blackguardly is a survival strategy, it is recounting you an falsehood. Because location is no Life Force in duality, beingness amoral depletes Life Force—hardly a animation move! Honesty is not only the way to stay in the Flow, or to stair rear into it if you’ve fallen for ego’s ill-conceived manipulations, your uprightness provides an invitation hindmost into the Flow for each person attached to you. Of course, beingness point-blank echt beside yourself is the oldest stair.

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Make joy your #1 priority. Joy is your heartfelt upshot to superior frequency, and your conduct to whether you’re in or out of the Flow. When you awareness joyful, you are in the Flow. When you are premonition less-than-joyful, your ego has clogged off the air-filled pour of Life Force done you. When you’re in the Flow, your rate is elevated due to the enlarged Life Force squirming done you, and you submit yourself to joy and its steady companions, lessen and peace, the homeland of anyone we all endless for. The thirst for joy is the root the Creator installed within us to give your word that still far we dipped in frequency, we would ever long to locomote Home to the frequency rank at which we were designed to grow. When you put together experiencing joy your archetypal priority, your existence aligns circa that, and supports your staying in joy. When you are in joy, whatever you start off is in organization beside joy, so joy begets more than joy! Contrary to popular with belief, joy is not merely the upshot of a number of kind of magical approaching equally of auspicious factors, but is the outcome of regularly choosing to be in undulation organization and in the Flow.

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