Email Go Getter System (EGGS) is an autoresponder group that I have previously owned in the bygone. The prevalent unlikeness concerning EGGS and other than mercenary autoresponders out location is that EGGS is hosted and run wholly on your own web waiter. This poses many benefits:

*There is no define to the number of subscribers you can have. It all depends on the magnitude of web hosting extraterrestrial and bandwidth you have.

*EGGS is proficient of causation give or take a few 200,000 mails in 2 hours, but it depends on the sized of the letter. The greater the size, the longest the occurrence.

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*You own the software and the list; common man can have a exterior at how many an subscribers you have.

*Unlimited cipher of autoresponders and messages.

*Ability to move broadcasts.

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*Emails will not be filtered off perfunctorily. One principal inhibition that I had with separate mercenary autoresponders like-minded freeautobot and getresponse was that their emails are sometimes not delivered to hotmail or yahoomail. This is because their ip had been put on a 'to filter off' index. No specified hitches with EGGS as the email are transmitted from your own dining-room attendant. Of course, your email content essential be unsullied as it mightiness increasingly be filtered off by spam filters.

*Single or twofold opt-in/removal untaken.

*Both html and manual verified.

The unsurpassed entity of all is that this package is free! You can download it and grant to donate any amount you like. Donors are even fixed a knit on the primary page as a method of acceptance.

However, within can ne'er be a pluperfect software package out there. There are every disadvantages to EGGS:

*You have to do more than a few installation of the computer code on your restaurant attendant. However, the extremity is pretty careful and I have no hitches beside the start. In the most unpleasant cause wherever you can't get it installed, there's always the alternative of profitable them to get it installed for you.

*You can't quality the comedian you could do with in your database. You are wedged beside identify and email solitary.

*There isn't a trial mathematical function. So if you deprivation to see how your index of 7 emails look, you will have to set the messages to 1 day obscure and loaf 7 days to receive all the messages. Of course, you can swamped this catch by causing one communication at a clip but it's a bit ho-hum.

*You can't nibble finished and see the information of the subscribers in your catalogue. You will have to do it by either exportation the chronicle to a deed database and sounding at it or browse the raw database table (in sql) itself.

*You can't superior the users whom you want to distribute broadcast to. All broadcasts are sent to all users. So, I had to manually set up another post chronicle to use as my exam index.

*There is a unique file advert to EGGS truthful at the end of the communication. You can edit the codification to remove it but I have no problems promoting specified a not bad software package.

*There's a restrained bug with the unsubscribe email move out. Apparently, it's transmitted as hypertext mark-up language even though I had put it as a textual matter message. So, I had to evolution whatsoever of the file. Not a great woe as I wouldn't trouble how the statement watch to a unsubsriber at least.

*Inability to track whether the email was opened and for clickthroughs. So, I had to depend on my weblogs to bank check for clickthroughs.

*If you add a new communication to your ongoing autoresponder, it will be transmitted to your full post list! I learnt it the hard-fought way but as luck would have it there's no bookish plunder.

All in all, a beautiful trouble-free autoresponder to use erstwhile it has been set up. At the expenditure (free) and the features I'm getting, I infer I can have no complaints. However, I do confidence they can amend on several of the holding that I have mentioned preceding.

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